Monday, November 26, 2007

KitsapWithKids: Ways to Spend the Winter

I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for 16 of the last 20 years of my life. I should be used to the winter weather by now. Problem is, it isn’t just winter weather. It’s winter, spring and fall weather. It’s nine-months-of-the-year weather. It’s cold-and-damp, what-will-we-do-inside-again-today weather.

Don’t get me wrong, summer more than makes up for the wet months. It’s glorious and beautiful and, well, perfect. But ugh, the gray skies that come in October!

Well, in the past, I just (excuse the pun) weathered through the weather. However, now I have a three-year-old. How do I entertain him without going crazy on those weekend afternoons when the sky is drizzling and we’ve been home a little too long?

Thus, begins the new series “KitsapWithKids: Ways to Spend the Winter”. I will highlight different things to do with children here in Kitsap County and in surrounding areas. I will try to post something every few days, and hopefully that will keep many of you busy during the worst days of winter.

Some of these ideas will be for on-going entertainment opportunities, like cinemas, indoor pools and gyms. Other posts will be about local kid-friendly events. This series is aimed at children of different ages, so it includes families with infants and toddlers as well as families with teenagers.

If you have a suggestion for a feature for KitsapWithKids, please let me know. And keep checking back for new ideas. Have a safe and sane winter!

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