Wednesday, December 12, 2007

DON'T send a Christmas card to "A Wounded Soldier..."

It's a nice idea, really. I was about to send one myself, until my husband, currently stationed aboard the USS John C. Stennis, stopped me.

"That's nice, honey, but it'll never reach anyone."

At first I didn't believe him, but then we watched the news last night. It was covered on at least ABC News and Fox News. The information has also appeared in the Associated Press and the New York Times.

Any mail not addressed to a specific soldier, whether they are currently stationed on a military base overseas, in the US or at a medical center, will not be delivered. According to officials at Walter Reed Medical Center, this has been a problem for years. The mail to "A Wounded Soldier" has either been returned to sender, or destroyed.

The fear is that terrorists will send contaminated mail to our soldiers. An understandable fear, in my opinion.

Have we gone overboard in protecting ourselves? Is this a violation of rights? How are we going to support our troops with rules like this "protecting" them?

There are so many ways that you can choose to show your love and support for our servicemembers. The group Soldier's Angels allows citizens to adopt a soldier. Freedom Is Not Free is a unique charity directed by current and former members of the military, the "Purple Heart Board". Finally, Salute America's Heroes does some simple yet effective support gestures, such as selling armbands for our vets and heroes.

Please, don't be upset because your Christmas Cards may not get to the wounded soldier that you wanted to receive it. Be thrilled that the government is doing their best to protect our military, and find another way to show your gratitude. It's so easy, there are so many choices, and they really need our support!

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