Monday, December 3, 2007

Kitsap County is Flooding (3:03 p.m.)

This never happens. We have rain, but not like this!

Kitsap County is now in a state of emergency. Major flooding and road closures are causing traffic problems all over the county. Transportation departments are doing what they can.

As of noon, there is no way to get from Bremerton to Port Orchard except to go all the way out to Lake Symington, then go south on Lake Tahuya Road, then go past Mission, Panther and Tiger lakes, through Belfair, then go south near the airport on either Lake Flora Road or Sunnyslope. A very long trip...

Both exits to Newberry Hill Road are closed. Anderson Hill road is closed. Downtown Poulsbo is having major issues. Central Valley overpass at Waaga Way is closed.

Stay away from old downtown Bremerton if you can. the ferry backup has stopped most traffic.

If your spouse is on a ship at Naval Base Kitsap - Bremerton, tell him to stay there for now.

Check the websites for the various school districts. If I had a school-aged child, I would plan to pick them up if possible. Buses are delayed...

Best advice? STAY HOME!!!!

I will update with further developments later....

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