Monday, November 26, 2007

KitsapWithKids: Ways to Spend the Winter

Chuck E. Cheese in Silverdale

The first in a series of ways to spend rainy, cold, winter afternoons with your kids in Kitsap County.

Silverdale is the retail hub of Kitsap County. It is also the home to the county’s newest indoor attraction for kids. Chuck E. Cheese has arrived in Kitsap County!

Chuck E. Cheese is well-known as the place kids go to run around and play video games while noshing on pizza and breadsticks. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad can have a salad and pizza of their own, while sipping on a beer.

Or, skip the food altogether! Buy a Chuck E. cup, and spend the afternoon drinking fruit punch and feeding tokens to all the machines. For very little cash, you and your little ones could spend hours at Chuck E. Cheese on a nasty day.

Be sure to sign up for the CEC Club. Through the Chuck E. Cheese website, you can sign up and receive monthly specials via email. Great coupons are always available in the local paper, but the coupons that arrive through the CEC Club can’t be beat!

Remember, this is an awesome place for ALL ages, even babies! The infants and crawling babies with our meetup group are usually fascinated by the lights and all the kids, and one crawler I know will sit for hours watching the huge TV featuring Chuck E. Cheese or the disco balls hung from the ceiling. And be on alert, Chuck E. has been known to make an appearance and give out free tokens and tickets!

Tip: To avoid the crowds but still tire out the little ones, be at the door when they open at 10 am, and plan to leave at lunchtime. That way, you can let them go wild, eat at Chuck E. Cheese if you choose, then get the kids to nap when you get home after lunch!

Click here to sign up for the Chuck E. Cheese Club!

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